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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tyranny Must be Resisted

My fellow Americans,

Please...make no mistake about this healthcare bill. This bill is not about healthcare and it is not about Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. No, this is much more vast and treacherous than that. It is nothing more than the "fundamental transformation of America"--translated as the transfer of power and redistribution of wealth to the socialist working class. This is about Marx, Lewinsky, Soros, Andy Stern, the unions, and other socialist elitists that manipulate the puppet strings attached to Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al.

What we are witnessing is nothing less then the fruits of seeds that were planted over 60 years ago and only now are bearing fruit. The arrogant disrespect and disregard for the will of the people as they force this bill upon us only shows us that they truly believe that they have succeeded. Their blatant disregard for our constitution and our democratic principles is nothing short of tyranny and their actions are nothing short of treason!

We can wring our hands and express our fears and concerns and write letters and make phone calls and send e-mails that have only fallen on deaf ears. Paradoxically those efforts actually seem to have embolden them more as they trample on our God-given rights and liberty.

We can begrudgingly concede defeat and cry and hope for change in November of 2012; however, they don't care about November of 2012 or 2014--for they feel their time has come. They have shown that they are willing to 'martyr' their own to achieve the end; in this, they are no different than the Taliban or Al Quaida.

We can bow our heads and acquiesce and accept the "fundamental transformation"--Or--we can fight and resist!

But to fight tyranny...we must leave our comfort zones...that means being willing to sacrifice life, liberties, and more! We should take inspiration from those patriots in Iran and China that have risked all and have even died resisting tyranny and opression. If they can do that for even a modicum of freedom, what then can we do for our sacred liberty?

I, for one, stand willing, able, and ready!

And, lest you dismiss me as just another revolutionary, reactionary, fanatic, or red-neck militia member with crazy conspiracy theories, I am a Vietnam era and first Iraqi war vet. I have served both as an enlisted soldier and an officer in the US Army.

I am an upper middle-class surgeon/physician iin a very successful practice and am also completing my MBA. I have a wonderful family with children and live very comfortably in "middle America".

I am Hispanic-American and my family has been here in the US since 1692. I come from a very modest background where my family was very poor and I had about an even chance of going to school or ending up dead or in prison. I chose the military and am proud to be able to say I have served my country honorably. I have worked hard and sacrificed much to achieve what I have and to become who and what I am today.

I have seen and lived the best this country has to offer and now I see and am living the worst! In my 55 years, I never dreamed I would see this happen to my country. Like many of you here and unlike Mrs. Obama, for once in my life, I am truly ashamed of my country.

Slowly but surely, God has been taken out of our government and out of our schools. My children are being indoctrinated in school and not taught. They are introduced to concepts that I disagree with which is fine—as long as dissenting concepts and tenets are also introduced and taught!

But, introducing my children to homosexuality and gay rights in elementary school is NOT alright! Teaching them that we are responsible for global warming without counter evidence is NOT acceptable to me! Teaching them that eating meat is inhumane is not acceptable! Taking Jefferson out of history textbooks discussing ‘the enlightenment’ and replacing him with Voltaire is not OK!

It is MY job to indoctrinate my children in the beliefs, customs, culture, and moral judgments that I and my family hold dear! It is only the job of the school to teach my children how to read, write, communicate, and learn!

I try to teach my children that this is the best country in the world. But it is hard to reinforce that when they see the shameful things our government is doing today in the name of progressive liberalism.

The ACLU claims to defend our civil rights—please! They have done nothing but erode our rights for the benefit of small fringe groups and individuals!

Andy Stern and the unions claim to represent the rights of workers—yet any student of economy will tell you that unions drive up the cost of labor which drives down the demand for labor and which ultimately leads to higher unemployment for all. They also will not tell you that while unions drive up the wages and increase the standard of living for union workers--at the same time, wages for non-union workers and their standard of living is driven down.

This government will tell you that ‘big bad corporations’ are the only ones that will be taxed—what they don’t tell you is that corporations don’t pay taxes...people do...and taxes to corporations are like human flows downhill! They also do not tell you how taxes cause deadweight losses that decrease the overall wellfare of those that cary the burden of the tax.

The main-stream media and press which is supposed to be our ever vigilant first line of defense has lost all sense of objectivity and has aligned itself with the progressive doctrine and the "fundamental transformation of America".

Enough is enough! I’ve had enough and this latest show of political chicanery and complete disregard and disrespect for the collective will of the people and our constitution by this government has driven me to an anger and discontent that I have never experienced before!

I am not advocating violence and would very much love to just stay in my comfort zone and run my practice and build my businesses and sing "everything is beautiful". But in my heart and in my soul, I cannot just sit back and quiet as just another disaffected American while this great nation crumbles around me. I can’t do that for me, for my children and their children, and I can’t do it for you!

Tyranny is tyranny...whether here or abroad and we don’t need talking heads and politicians to define it for us—we see it, recognize it and it MUST be resisted by whatever means necessary!

Dismiss me as a ranting and raving conservative (I am a middle American!) if you will—but know this—I will fight with my life to defend the rights of even those I disagree with...I guarantee you they will not do the same for you!

John R. Vigil, MD


  1. Well thought out and written. Thoroughly researched.

  2. Wow! I am amazed that there are some who feel exactly as I do! God Bless you sir!

  3. WELL said John!!! I have a feeling we are about to witness many more attempts to erode what's left of our rights, our freedoms, our country. It's a sad time in American history, but it IS where we are and where we must make our stand. God Bless you - God Bless America.

  4. well thought out for a man who then takes his suit off and says "What a crock of sh!# (expletive removed to honor ladies that might be reading this) ! As if we can't see that that the only reason he is "allowing" the insurance companies to continue selling the "sub-par" policies for one year is to get passed the mid-term elections! Do he and the Dems really think we are that stupid? I know, stupid question...I guess "we" proved to them we are by electing him, not once, but TWICE!"